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MCI Solutions is a leading provider of chemical injection technologies. We design, engineer and manufacture some of the world’s most reliable chemical injection pumps, solar/electric skid packages and process accessories all under one roof.

We’re dedicated to providing the most accurate and efficient metering products to industry. Whether your project is a single pumping application or a complex engineered solution, MCI is committed to becoming your partner in excellence.

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MCI Solutions is a manufacturing leader in chemical injection pumps with patented leak containment technology used in CSA certified electric chemical injection systems.

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Our Latest Innovation

Seeing Double. Introducing the C2 dual headed, 12V or 24V electric, chemical injection pump.

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Coming Soon

We’re excited to provide a sneak peak at our latest product release. We’ve named it VERIFLOW™ and its release is just around the corner.

The concept is simple, an ‘All-in-one’ device monitors your remote injection points 24/7/365 with no external programming. It installs to all new or existing sites in minutes and retrofits to most pump brands currently in use.
Add remote monitoring capability to injection skids anywhere, anytime.
If tank levels are low, we’ll notify you.
If your injection pump fails or flow rates fall out of range, we’ll let you know about that too.
With the IoT revolution among us it’s time to re-think your approach with MCI’s latest think-tank technology. Injection programs can be more accurate, more efficient and more reliable . We’re making this idea simple with MCI’s exclusive VERIFLOW™ think-tank technology.

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Seeking Distributor and Integrator Partners

MCI would like to forge new relationships with product distributors and OEM integrators in the United States and Internationally.  Please contact us if your company is currently servicing the Oil & Gas sector and you would like to learn more about this opportunity.

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Customer Testimonials

We can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about our chemical injection pump but MCI would rather have you hear it from our customers.

Total reliability through the winter.

““Our Water Injection Pipeline Maintenance process requires the low volume, accurate injection of Nalco EC1509A. To meet our needs we chose MCI Pumps. The 3401 solar powered pump met our chemical injection rate requirements while maintaining total reliability through the winter.” Len, Penn West Energy.

Volume accuracy over its entire range.

““MCI manufactures a chemical injection pump that fits our needs, low volume with a nearly constant injection rate. This displacement style electric pump delivers volume accuracy over its entire range of injection pressures. We also find the MCI pumps are very reliable. Some have been in service for two years without any maintenance needed.” Chris, CNRL.

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