New Dual Headed Chemical Injection Pump.

MCI took at great pump and made it better. The model C2 can inject up to 187 litres per day or inject into two separate points at independent pressures and rates.

The C2 is controlled locally by the operator keypad.  Simply scroll to your required injection rate in litres per day and start pumping.  If you need to determine the power supply voltage just press the volt meter button.  The LED display is readable even at -40º C.

MCI offers a variety of remote control options.  Use Modbus for the ultimate two-way communications and control.  With the 4-20mA analogue input control both ON/OFF and set the injection volume.  Finally use the discrete input for simple ON/OFF control and monitor the discrete output for pump state.

Use the thermistor probe to determine ambient temperature and the graphical user interface (GUI) to set the pump ON and pump OFF ranges.  With no outside control the C2 provides basic injection automation.

The C2 pump drive is rated 4A.  However the stepper motor controller limits inrush during startup and power draw during operation.  During the Cold Start cycle (7-minutes) the C2 will draw 1.1A at 24V.  The maximum average operating draw is 650mA at 24V.  MCI pumps are available in either 12V or 24V DC.

Storage battery life can be prolonged by preventing deep discharge.  The C2 has a automatic low voltage disconnect with user definable set-points.  Use the GUI software to completely configure the C2 to protect your batteries.

The C2 pump includes dual FMT fluid ends. The FMT integrates our patented secondary containment seal technology.  It is designed to capture high pressure seal bypass chemical and reroute it back to the suction side of the fluid end.  The FMT <strong>eliminates conventional V-packing</strong> and the associated gland nut.  This virtually eliminates leaking chemical to the environment associated with packing equipped fluid ends and reduces operator workload to scheduled seal replacement only.  The FMT fluid end does not require any adjustment over the seal life. No more gland nut tightening.  FMT fluid ends are cast in carbon steel as standard or 316 stainless steel as an option.  There is a 1/8″ NPT port into the displacement chamber for a pressure sensor.  All plungers are made from tungsten carbide for long life and superior chemical compatibility.

The C2 pump is CSA certified for installation in Class I, Zone 2, Group A, B, C and D.