Simplex Chemical Injection Pump Model C1

C1 Chemical Injection Pump

Unparalleled advantages.

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Chemical programs are implemented to confirm theory or produce results.  In either case injection accuracy is the key to measuring success.

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Higher Efficiency

DWELL software provides even higher power efficiency when continuous stroking over the entire injection range isn’t required.

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Power Efficiency Calculator

Injection Pressure
450 750 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000
Injection Volume
0.0 L/DAY


The keypad is designed specifically with clarity in mind – ON/OFF and rate UP or DOWN.

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Drive System

The drive incorporates a mechanically high efficiency ball screw to convert the rotational motion of the motor into a continuous stroking plunger.

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Continuous Injection Cycle

To prevent the long pauses between injection strokes MCI uses a variable speed drive to guarantee continuous chemical movement.

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Graphical User Interface

Use the GUI to configure your pump for its specific application.

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FMT Fluid End

Integrated dual seal secondary containment system.

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