Impressed with the system.

“We were looking for a standalone solar powered chemical pump. The application was remote so reliability was important. To help control costs we wanted injection volume accuracy. The MCI pump met our needs and, to date, is running perfectly. We are very impressed with the system, especially the rate accuracy. That alone helps pay for the pump quickly.” Luc, Pengrowth Corporation.

Most reliable and user friendly.

“I was looking to replace my gas driven pumps with solar powered. I have tried a few different types in various fields and found that the MCI was the most reliable and user friendly out of the ones I tried. On top of their reliability, the pumps accuracy on flow rates is what really impressed me. I continue to upgrade all my pumps to MCI. The staff at MCI have been great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.” Matthew, CNRL.

Total reliability through the winter.

“Our Water Injection Pipeline Maintenance process requires the low volume, accurate injection of Nalco EC1509A. To meet our needs we chose MCI Pumps. The 3401 solar powered pump met our chemical injection rate requirements while maintaining total reliability through the winter.” Len, Penn West Energy.

This saves money.

“Zero greenhouse gas emissions are the target but we are ever diligent over chemical spills and excess chemical injection. MCI pumps are very accurate and consistent ensuring that only the required chemical quantity is injected. This saves money and the environment. Everyone wins.” Chris, Penn West Energy.

Volume accuracy over its entire range.

“MCI manufactures a chemical injection pump that fits our needs, low volume with a nearly constant injection rate. This displacement style electric pump delivers volume accuracy over its entire range of injection pressures. We also find the MCI pumps are very reliable. Some have been in service for two years without any maintenance needed.” Chris, CNRL.

Reliability is a key component.

“Reliability is a key component to production success. The MCI pump has proven to be reliable when it counts, through the winter. Easy commissioning and injection rate adjustment are added benefits that made this pump an excellent choice for us.” Garth, EOG Resources.

Leak free.

“At ARC Resources we have used the MCI solar powered pumping unit for pumping methanol. There have been no problems and they have been leak free. They’re very easy to install.” Alan, ARC Resources.

Most reliable and cost effective.

“In the last few year Canadian Natural Resources in the Grande Prairie Area has tested MCI pumps as well as other manufacture’s solar pumps in various geographic areas of the District. To date, CNRL has found MCI pumps to be the most reliable and cost effective. MCI pumps have also proven to be the lowest power consumption pumps we've tested and the rate controller of the MCI pumps brought additional benefit of injection rate accuracy. Cost, reliability over the winter months, low power consumption, injection rate accuracy and the drip free packing system of the MCI pump is currently unmatched by other solar pump manufactures. As of June 2010, Canadian Natural Resources in Grande Prairie area has chosen MCI pump for all new well site installations.” Andrei, CNRL.